About Us

Business System RMK

DD RMK Poslovni Sistem is a company-successor of the former administrative and scientific center of Rudarsko-metalurški kombinat Zenica (Mining and Metallurgical Combined Company Zenica), therefore of the common functions of a complex system that once, in the former state of Yugoslavia, used to employ around 63,000 people in manufacturing and processing of iron and steel.

New, market-oriented philosophy of economy introduced Poslovni Sistem RMK, that was organized as stock company in 2001, to entirely new business areas. Facing the changes at the right time, it resulted in starting two business projects in fair organization: General BH Fair ZEPS and specialized, international metal fair ZEPS INTERMETAL. Both projects have already been confirmed as events of the effective business promotion, not only of proposals and business opportunities of domestic companies, but also companies from abroad and on the list of local fairs they took sovereign leading positions.

According to personnel base and long experience of its employees on the most complex economic and other projects, POSLOVNI SISTEM RMK has the best references and prerequisites that are successfully applied.

Beside the fact that POSLOVNI SISTEM RMK carries out its commercial business with its own team of experts, when needed, the company hires other leading experts, always with the motto to work with a full professional competence.

POSLOVNI SISTEM RMK now permanently employs 13 people, of which majority have university education. During the fair number of employees can rise up to five hundred!